Hair Extension Facts

Hair Extension Facts

Wendy will provide a variety of hair extension solutions to meet every need and budget.  From custom human hair to synthetic, she can find the right extensions to meet your lifestyle!

Think hair extensions only result in straight, long locks?

Think again!  Today’s hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, textures and materials.

From real human hair to synthetic…from long to short…curly to wavy, blonde to black  Hair extensions can help you acheive any look!

Here are some questions and answers that might help you.

A.  What types of Hair Extensions are there?

There are many different types of Hair Extensions out there these days.  They have been around for years, however in the past 10 years the market has increased dramatically.  Here at Stylist1 Hair Salon we offer the following in the Extension services….

1.  I-tip which is used with a individual strand of hair. Which is also called the bead method.  It is easily reusable.

2.  U-tip which is adhered to the hair with a individual strand.  Which is also called the fusion method, Cold Fusion, or Hot Fusion.

The cold fusion method is used with no heat and is used with a tool that releases ultra sound to apply the bond to the hair.

The hot fusion method is used with a heat tool to bond to the hair.

3.  Skin weft which is a flat panel method that can be cut and customized to the clients hair that is applied with a adhesive tape and is easily reusable.  Clients often like this because of the base appearing more like the human scalp.  It is also sometimes called the flat method.

4.  PU flat panel method which is precut and applied to the clients hair with adhesive tape.  This is also easily reusable.  This is also sometimes called the flat methold.

5.  Sew In methold.  Which is wefts of hair customized to each clients head.  There is a flat long braid made across the clients head, and the hair is then sewn to the braid.  This is sometimes referred to as weave in extensions.

6. Bead in weft method.  This methold is a individual bead holding the cusomized wefts to the clients hair.

7. Synthetic method.  This is where we braid or bead synthetic hair individually into a strand of the clients hair.  This method provides double the volume as the human hair strands.  Excellent in Humid Clients such as Florida!!!

8. Synthetic bead method.  This is where we apply double stranded synthetic hair into a individual bead.  This methold also provides double the volume.

9. Clip on Hair Extensions.  Which are custom fitted to the clients head or just sold out of the box.

B.How long do hair Extensions last?

At Stylist1, we try to teach you, with proper maintenance, how to care for your hair extensions for several months.

C. What products do I use?

We will recommend the proper hair extension products for your individual needs.  Available for sale in our salon and in our online store.

D. What kind of hair do I get?

Here we do a compliementary consultation before any service is started.  Wendy will show you several different types of hair to choose from for your individual hair needs.   Some of the types of hair are the following….

European Hair

Ukranian Hair

Indian Remy Hair

Remy Hair

Synthetic Hair

E.  What is Remy Hair vs. Non Remy Hair?

This is popular question, basically remy hair is where the cuticles of the hair are all running in the same direction to help avoid tangling of the hair.

F.  Will Hair Extensions ruin my hair?

When the extensions are applied, as long as they are applied by a professional hair extensions specialist there should be no damage to the hair.  Proper maintenance at home is required.  Along with maintenance of the hair extensions by a professional hair extensionist every 4-6 weeks is recommended. For Example some of the following rules are highly recommended when wearing hair extensions.

Wear your hair in a ponytail or braid while sleeping

Do not wash hair everyday.  Skip a day or two.

Use fingers to make sure bonds are separated in the hair and not tangled from sleeping or sports or daily use

Use the recommended brushes to brush extensions using a leave in spray lightly to brush the hair. Also hold the extensions in your hand or hold the head so less pulling occurs.

Do not use a round brush when drying extensions to avoid pulling from the scalp.  Also blow dry hair in small sections.

Use the recommended shampoos, conditioners, leave in sprays and shine oils.  These will keep your hair from drying out during daily use.

When swimming, put in conditioner in the hair and then rinse hair immediately and apply conditioner until you can go home and properly do your home maintenance…

In the meantime, feel free to email WENDY at with any questions you may have about Hair Extensions.   HAVE A BRIGHT DAY!!


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